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Short Ram Intakes for Nissan 370Z

    Quite a bit of time and effort went into designing the VQ37VHR engine in your Nissan 370z. While the new dual throttle body setup is engineered with maximum performance in mind, the stock air boxes, restrictive silencers and complex ducting can limit overall engine output. One of the best ways to get more airflow to your throttle bodies is with a correctly designed Nissan 370Z short ram air intake system. High performance air cleaner elements are much less restrictive than factory paper filters and often last significantly longer. The intake ducting can also limit engine performance due to the constrictive complicated path that the air must travel through before reaching your engine. By using high flow filter elements and short direct air flow paths a good Nissan 370z short ram air intake setup will help you free up your intake system, for even better performance.

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Retain Short Ram Intake
Starting @ $399.00
Weapon R
Secret Weapon Intake
Starting @ $374.96
Power Intake
Starting @ $92.95
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