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PRO Import Tuners is owned and operated by Import aftermarket parts enthusiasts who are passionate about upgrading and fine tuning their Import vehicles (made for the U.S. market).

We have over 17 years experience dealing with aftermarket parts, and we love the various Import platforms. The popularity of Import vehicles makes it so that there is an abundant amount of Import aftermarket parts for them.

Our first official online site was, where we only specialized in the Honda Civic. Civic enthusiasts world wide considered our site to be the easiest to navigate and loved our customer service and huge quality parts selection, which lead them to tell their friends whom had other Import cars.

Long story short, we have been putting in special orders and researching other Import cars to the point where it made sense to publish our findings PRO Import Tuners is a result of many years of research and customization to Import vehicles.

Quality Parts

We at PRO Import Tuners have carefully researched every aftermarket part we sell to make sure it adheres to the highest level of workmanship and quality. We believe each part we carry is a worthwhile addition to your Import vehicle. If we don't think a product is up to standard, we won't carry it, period.

Customer Service

A lot of stores say their customers are their #1 priority, but at PRO Import Tuners we really mean it, and we back it up with our industry leading service. We want you to be totally satisfied with your purchase. If you are not satisfied, we will do everything we can to fix the situation and make you a happy customer.

Easy Upgrading

We believe in quality over quantity; therefore, we spend a lot of time researching each vehicle. If you do not see your Import on our site, and your vehicle is popular, chances are we are already deep in the research for it. In any case, please let us know if you would like to see your vehicle's part published on the site or if you would like to have parts special ordered.

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