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Cold Air Intakes for Nissan 370Z

   Equipping an after market cold air intake is often one of the most cost effective and easiest way to see good horse power gains. Our Nissan 370Z cold air intake systems are perfect for just about any Z car enthusiast. With our Nissan 370Z cold air intake you will see great horsepower gains and improved throttle response as well as improved fuel economy. Our 370Z cold air intake is also a ETI (electronically tuned intake) system so they run a much larger diameter pipe without throwing any check engine lights.

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Cold Air Intake
Starting @ $484.97
Attack Cold Air Intake
Starting @ $499.00
Weapon R
Secret Weapon Intake
Starting @ $374.96
Cold Air Intake
Starting @ $377.99
ETI Intake System
Starting @ $513.99
Showing 1 to 5 (of 5 total)

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