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Headers for Nissan 370Z

   If you have already installed an intake and exhaust system, supercharger or nitrous on your Z and want some more power, you may want to consider some good flowing headers. Our Nissan 370Z headers are much less restrictive than OEM exhaust maifolds. By using larger diameter piping and smoother bends than the stock designs, headers allow the exhaust gasses to exit the engine much more efficiently, allowing the motor to preform better. Nissan 370Z headers are an important part of any naturally aspirated build, and equally important in supercharged applications as well as those using nitrous oxide.

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DC Sports
Stainless Steel Header
Starting @ $592.97
DC Sports
Ceramic Coated Header
Starting @ $484.97
Header Wrap Kit
Starting @ $51.97
Megan Racing
Large JDM 2.5" Collector Exhaust Flange
Starting @ $34.95
Showing 1 to 4 (of 4 total)

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