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Short Ram Intakes for Nissan 350Z

   The Nissan 350Z has a nice healthy power plant under the hood and it makes quite a lot of power but you may want just a little more. You can easily squeeze some more power out by equipping one of our Nissan 350Z short ram air intake systems. These are a very popular modification because of the easy of install and great look our Nissan 350Z intake system provides. Our Nissan 350Z short ram air intake system is a 100% bolt on item and will directly replace the factory air box and piping.

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Retain Short Ram Intake
Starting @ $299.00
Weapon R
Secret Weapon Intake
Starting @ $251.96
Short Ram Intake
Starting @ $334.97
Power Intake
Starting @ $92.95
DC Sports
Short Ram Intake
Starting @ $159.97
Short Ram Intake
Starting @ $350.99
Showing 1 to 6 (of 6 total)

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