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Headers for Nissan 350Z

   If you intend to make maximum power then replacing the first section of the exhaust system is essential after replacing the rest of the system to ensure that you eliminate all bottle necks restricting exhaust flow. So here at PRO Import Tuners we offer high quality Nissan 350Z headers to help you remove this bottle neck and get that extra horse power and sound. Our Nissan 350Z headers not only improve flow by increasing the piping diameter but the runners are staggered in a way to help with scavenging to use the exhaust pulses to help suck the exhaust out of the cylinders.

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DC Sports
Ceramic Coated Header
Starting @ $766.23
DC Sports
Stainless Steel Header
Starting @ $682.67
Buddy Club
Header Thermo Wrap
Starting @ $74.97
Header Wrap Kit
Starting @ $64.95
Showing 1 to 4 (of 4 total)
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