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Coilovers for Nissan 350Z

   Nissan did a fantastic job with the 350Z's suspension and for all around comfort and performance its very good but does not specialize on any one aspect. So if you are like some of us here at PRO Import Tuners you would like to pull a little harder in the skid pad and be a little faster in the slalom and we can get you there with a set of Nissan 350Z coilovers. Our Nissan 350Z coilovers will allow you to adjust not only the ride height but also the damping force of the shocks and in most applications the camber on the wheels.

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D2 Racing
RS Full Coilovers
Starting @ $880.00
StreetMAX Full Coilovers
Starting @ $901.00
StreetPlus Full Coilovers
Starting @ $561.00
Hipermax IV GT Full Coilovers
Starting @ $1,584.97
Hipermax IV SP Full Coilovers
Starting @ $1,710.97
EDFC Active
Starting @ $556.95
Starting @ $297.95
Flex Z Full Coilovers
Starting @ $874.95
Mono Sport Full Coilovers
Starting @ $1,673.95
Megan Racing
EZ Street Series Full Coilovers V2 (EZ II)
Starting @ $749.00
Megan Racing
Track Series Full Coilovers
Starting @ $999.00
Showing 1 to 11 (of 11 total)

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