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Camber Kits for Nissan 240SX

   If you are looking to lower your 240SX you will most likely be in need of a Nissan 240SX camber kit. Camber is an alignment term used to describe the vertical angle of your wheels and tires. When lowering the vehicles ride height this throws off all of the suspension linkage geometry and this can be corrected by utilizing our 240SX camber kits. If you do drop your 240SX a substantial amount and neglect the camber issue you may run into uneven tire wear issues.

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Whiteline Suspension
Adjustable Control Arms
Starting @ $162.95
Rear Camber Kit
Starting @ $137.96
SPC Performance
Front Camber Adjusting Bolts Kit
Starting @ $26.95
SPC Performance
Rear Camber Kit
Starting @ $293.95
Rear Camber Kit
Starting @ $114.75
Megan Racing
Control Arms and Camber Kits
Starting @ $144.95
Showing 1 to 6 (of 6 total)

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