Cold Air Intakes for Honda S2000

   The stock motor in the Honda S2000 is quite impressive do to its extreme efficiency and power output. One of the easiest and most cost effective ways to improve on these great characteristics is with one of our cold air intakes for the Honda S2000. These cold air intake systems will relocate you intakes inlet to outside the engine bay providing your engine with cold fresh air. This cold fresh air provide s more dense oxygen charge to your combustion chamber and this is how our cold air intakes for the Honda S2000 can provide so much extra power.

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Cold Air Intake
Starting @ $287.28
Momentum Cold Air Intake
Starting @ $409.34
Weapon R
Secret Weapon Intake
Starting @ $234.96
DC Sports
Cold Air Intake
Starting @ $194.97
Cold Air Intake
Starting @ $349.99
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