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Suspension Parts for Honda Accord

Suspension upgrades for your Honda Accord will tighten up your Honda Accord's ride and dramatically improve its handling. Some suspension parts for your Honda Accord (such as lowering springs) can also help to give your Honda Accord a lower and more aggressive stance. We have many other types of suspension and chassis parts available for your Honda Accord, so be sure to check out all the different categories.

Suspension Overview for Honda Accord
There are two main reasons to purchase aftermarket Suspension parts for Honda Accord. For each suspension problem, we have a solution.

Suspension Replacement for Honda Accord
The first basic reason is to replace your warn out OEM Honda Accord Suspension (shocks). This is for the person that wants there Honda Accord to get the smoothest ride possible and wants to save money. This reason would probably lead you to purchase non adjustable Honda Accord shocks. These shocks will keep your ride height the same as stock height while also giving you a better ride and handling than OEM Honda Accord Suspension shocks. If the suspension for your Honda Accord is still not functioning as it should, just replacing the shocks may not be enough; the springs may also need replacement.

Suspension Performance Upgrade for the Honda Accord
If you want to give your Honda Accord the best possible handling, you will want to lower it. By lowering your Honda Accord, you lower its center of gravity; hence, preventing the rolling force when cornering. The second benefit of having suspension components to lower your Honda Accord is that it will add style to your setup by having a more aggressive look. To lower your Honda Accord you simply need some lowering springs or some coilovers (more info is available in the respective category description). Also, some Honda Accord applications may find that a camber adjustment useful to prevent the uneven wearing down of tires as the results of lowering the Honda Accord more than 1.5 inches.

If you have any more suspension for Honda Accord questions feel free to email us or give us a call.

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