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Whiteline Bushing Sets for Acura Integra

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1990 to 2001
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(Rear Trailing Arm) (Center Pivot Bushing)
1997 to 2001
2 Door Hatchback [Type R]
(Rear Trailing Arm Bushing Kit)
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Sold in sets (comes with left and right side bushings when applicable).

Whiteline bushings are the key to making your car perform at it's full potential. Everything your car does from accelerating to braking, cornering to ride comfort, relies on the chassis bushings to transfer the forces to the tires and absorb the unwanted vibrations of the road. Stock bushings, even when new, are soft and subtle to make a car as comfortable as possible for the general public. Over time the stock rubber degrades by becoming brittle and cracked. This makes them even softer, while also increasing the vibrations transferred to the chassis from the road. This is where Whiteline's synthetic elastomer bushing kits come into play. By replacing the weak compliant OEM bushings with stiffer, more durable units every input will make it's way to the ground giving you maximum control. At the same time, the dampening properties of the Whiteline kits prevent vibration and road noise from intruding into the cabin and vehicle controls. In many cases Whiteline has even improved upon the OEM bushing design. By testing each application to the point of failure, they know not only how a bushing needs to fit, but also what it needs to withstand over the life of the car. Proven on road and off, from race tracks to Sunday cruisers, Whiteline Bushing Sets are the best bang for your buck replacements when it comes to handling, control, and ride quality.

Key Features:
  • Synthetic elastomer bushing material increases response while maintaining ride comfort.
  • Grease grooves, elastomer and metal design mean quiet operation without constant lubricating.
  • Some bushings allow changes to alignment for correction on lowered vehicles and increased handling in performance applications.
  • Better design and materials than OEM bushings.
  • All bushings are tested to failure to ensure they will perform as needed for the long haul.

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