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Coilovers for Acura Integra

   Top-of-the-line coilovers for the Acura Integra can provide that performance edge in handling and ride quality that wins competitions. As any seasoned amateur or professional racer knows, high-quality materials, excellent engineering design, and precision fabrication determine the effectiveness and reliability of every suspension part. More than any other aftermarket performance-parts company, PRO Import Tuners understands and looks after the needs of the serious and discerning tuner and competition driver. Our coilovers for the Acura Integra come only from the top names in the auto-suspension business. When it comes to coilovers, PRO Import Tuners has the quality product that will satisfy both your performance and price criteria.

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D2 Racing
RS Full Coilovers
Starting @ $935.00
Basic Full Coilovers
Starting @ $408.00
StreetPlus Full Coilovers
Starting @ $544.00
Pro ST Full Coilovers
Starting @ $1,011.97
Pro-S II Full Coilovers
Starting @ $748.97
Buddy Club
Sport Spec Full Coilovers
Starting @ $1,092.97
Megan Racing
EZ II Series Full Coilovers
Starting @ $799.00
Flex Z Full Coilovers
Starting @ $774.97
Mono Sport Full Coilovers
Starting @ $1,664.97
Street Advance Z Full Coilovers
Starting @ $546.97
Street Basis Z Coilovers
Starting @ $531.97
Adjustable Sleeve Coilover Kit
Starting @ $259.97
Showing 1 to 12 (of 14 total)
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