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Revel VLS Digital OLED Gauges for Toyota RAV4 Prime

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All Revel VLS Digital OLED Gauges come with associated sensor(s), sun shade, mounting bracket, wiring, and instruction manual.

Revel VLS Digital OLED Gauges provide accurate readings, quick response and excellent features. Built with clarity and accuracy in mind, along with a modest 52mm (2 1/16 inches) diameter to fit in areas where space is an issue. Every gauge is built with a sharp and clear OLED numerical display for quick and easy read. A stylish LED ring around the perimeter of the gauge that is easy to read at a glance. Most of the gauges are also able to be daisy chained too! This allows you to connect compatible gauges to each other, minimizing and simplifying wiring. Each kit includes the wiring, sun shade, sensor(s), and instructions needed to complete the install. These gauges are a must for those with high-end builds or those who simply want to ensure that their engine is running well.

Key Features:
  • Premium gauges at reasonable prices - you'll be hard-pressed to find better ones.
  • Comes with the associated sensor(s), sun shade, mounting bracket, instruction manual, and all necessary wiring to make the installation process easy. Some kits may require additional fittings or bungs for proper installation.
  • Easy to read, accurate digital OLED display.
  • LED perimeter ring.
  • Can be daisy chained together to minimize wiring (excluding the Wideband A/F Ratio and Intercooler Dual Temperatures gauges).
  • Common 52mm (2 1/16 in) size for compatibly with other mounting solutions and easy installation even in small spaces.
  • Digital OLED display that does not require backlighting, which gives these gauges very slim profiles.

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