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Wilwood Big Brake Kit for Mitsubishi Eclipse

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1995 to 1999
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(Front) (Blank Rotors) (Dynapro 4 Piston Calipers) (Black)
1995 to 1999
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(Front) (Blank Rotors) (Dynapro 4 Piston Calipers) (Red)
1995 to 1999
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(Front) (Drilled and Slotted Rotors) (Dynapro 4 Piston Calipers) (Black)
1995 to 1999
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(Front) (Drilled and Slotted Rotors) (Dynapro 4 Piston Calipers) (Red)
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IMPORTANT: Most Wilwood Big Brake Kits will require the use of larger than factory wheels. Please ensure to check the recommended wheel size in the More Info notes for your application. Also, some kits will require Wilwood brake lines and some rear kits special parking brake cables. The Wilwood install instructions will provide details on these, if required. Please contact us if you need to order Wilwood brake lines or cables.

Wilwood had been regarded as one of the top performing brake upgrade companies for decades, and their Big Brake Kits carry this legacy with repeatable performance and great looks. Offered in a 4-Piston or 6-Piston upgrade (depending on the application), these Wilwood Big Brake Kits are capable of handling extreme conditions at the track, or provide reliable stopping power for your daily driven Mitsubishi Eclipse.

Each kit is engineered to be a complete bolt-on solution, and designed to work on an otherwise stock vehicle, making installation a breeze. Wilwood takes great care in the implementation of their big brake kits, and takes the factory hydraulic brake system into account to ensure proper brake bias. Included with the kits are their 4 or 6-Piston Brake Calipers, Caliper Mounting Brackets, 2-Piece Rotors, BP-10 Brake Pads, and all of the necessary mounting hardware/brackets. All of this makes a Wilwood Big Brake Kit a great option for your Mitsubishi Eclipse, and is sure to suit your build given the versatile options available.

The standard street-oriented calipers come with a powdercoat finish, which provides excellent protection and is resistant against stains caused by brake fluid or brake dust. The BP-10 brake pads are part of Wilwood's "Smart Pads" lineup and feature a medium friction blend that wont tear up your rotors, as well as keep dust and noise at a minimum.

Race Calipers: On some applications, Wilwood also provides the option of Race Calipers, which come with Mil-Spec hard anodized calipers with hardcore BP-30 race formula brake pads, which are also part of Wilwood's "Smart Pads" lineup.

Wilwood Big Brake Kit Key Features:
  • Dynalite Brake Kits
    • Base model kit with the latest applied developments and innovations in caliper design.
    • Offered with 4-piston Dynalite forged calipers.
  • Dynapro Brake Kits
    • Racing technology with contemporary design that delivers superior braking and high-tech style.
    • 4-piston or 6-piston Dynapro forged calipers.
    • Can be used with smaller wheel sizes.
    • Compact size with excellent bite and heat resistance.
  • Superlite Brake Kits
    • 4-piston or 6-piston forged calipers.
    • Outstanding performance and durability.
    • Aggressive bite that is suitable for the track or street use.
  • 4R and 6R Brake Kits
    • 4-piston or 6-piston forged calipers.
    • Aggressive looks and high stopping power on road or track.
  • AERO6 Race Brake Kit
    • Forged 6-piston race calipers.
    • Very aggressive bite and gripping power.
    • Made for track use with excellent heat resistance.
    • Slotted lightweight rotors.
    • Only available with Race Calipers (Mil-Spec hard anodized with hardcore BP-30 race formula brake pads).
  • Rear Brake Kits
    • 1-piston or 4-piston forged calipers.
    • Some applications have an extra caliper for the parking brake.
    • Great companion for a front big brake kit and will help provide even more stopping power.
  • Compatible with the OE master cylinder and ABS.
  • Multiple caliper color finish options.
  • Standardized brake pad sizes allow upgrades to multiple friction materials to suit your needs.
Hub Offset Information: Some Wilwood Big Brake Kits require specific hub offsets in order to install properly. If you application mentions a hub offset in the notes, please make sure to measure your Mitsubishi Eclipse's actual hub offset before purchasing. See the diagram below for where to measure (in inches).

Wilwood Hub Offset

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