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MagnaFlow Downpipe With High Flow Catalytic Converter for Mitsubishi 3000GT

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CARB Catalytic Converter Warning: If you live in a CARB state, you cannot legally use this product for public highway or street use, and we will not ship it to anywhere within a CARB state.

EPA Catalytic Converter Information: These converters are OBD2 EPA Compliant and conform to EPA emissions standards. Keep in mind there are some legal requirements to be met when both removing an old converter and installing a new one. For example, your installer must document the reason for replacing your converter. Also, you will need to check your state laws to confirm an OBD2 EPA Compliant catalytic converter is acceptable for your year vehicle. We recommend consulting a professional repair shop if you are unsure of the exact requirements.

MagnaFlow high flow catalytic converters are an ideal choice for those looking to upgrade their old / potentially restrictive stock catalytic converter. In these cases, a MagnaFlow high flow can help with high-end power output.

MagnaFlow's downpipe with high flow catalytic converter is perfect for Mitsubishi 3000GT owners who cannot buy a downpipe because they would have to remove their stock catalytic converter. These units will normally replace the cat directly after the exhaust manifold. Typically this is considered the downpipe or Y pipe.

"Direct Fit" applications can be bolted right onto the vehicle and require no welding or cutting (in most cases).

Key Features:
  • OBD2 EPA Compliant.
  • The only way to legally replace the downpipe on Mitsubishi 3000GTs with the catalytic converter built into the downpipe.
  • Uses the same high quality MagnaFlow catalytic converter construction found in all other MagnaFlow converters.
  • Direct-fit solution that is easy to install and offers the benefits of both a downpipe and high-flow cat. A few applications may require some welding for optimal installation.
  • MagnaFlow converters have a 1/2" lap-joint where the necks meet the body. The neck does not extend into the converter body where it could hamper exhaust flow.
  • MagnaFlow maintains separate dies on different sized inlets. They don't skimp by putting larger neck sizes on smaller bodies. This would reduce the flow of the converter and reduce the quality of the product.
  • MagnaFlow uses a monolithic honeycomb catalyst. The ceramic is designed for maximum flow and surface area. The coating method is strictly controlled to maintain exact specifications. An improper coating could result in flow restrictions or an emission test failure.
  • MagnaFlow uses a heavier gauge stainless steel, tip to tip. Other manufacturers use mixed weights and materials.
  • MagnaFlow catalytic converters are seam welded close to the converter body for a strong, tight bond. MagnaFlow does not weld along the edge, which could allow the converter to expand like the folds in an accordion, allowing the catalyst to move around.
  • MagnaFlow installs a factory capped, 90 degree air tube on "with air" converters. This saves time during installation in to your Mitsubishi 3000GT.
  • When applicable, MagnaFlow uses an aluminized or stainless OEM-style ribbed heat shield that creates a rigid wall of protection against heat and adds to the structural stability of the converter.

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