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Brian Crower Connecting Rods for Mitsubishi 3000GT

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Sold in sets of 4 or 6. Comes with all connecting rods for your engine.

When building your engine for big power, a strong bottom end is usually required. Connecting rods tend to be a weak point of higher horsepower builds and should be replaced with stronger options. Brian Crower provides high quality and very strong connecting rods for your high HP builds. In addition, they are designed with multiple options and designs for different build styles or situations.

Each connecting rod set is made from aerospace grade 4340 steel and uses ARP hardware. Most kits are available in a H or I configurations for different needs and setups.

LightWeight: This is the same as the normal ProH2K rods, but much lighter (and not quite as strong). Best suited for everyday enthusiasts and all motor builds with high revving potential. These rod use ARP 2000 bolts. Perfect for builds of 350 horsepower or less on a 4 cylinder motor.

MidWeight: This rod is most suited for all motor builds. It is a standard weight version that allows for rapid RPM climbing. Uses ARP 2000 fasteners. These are well suited for a build with a target of roughly 400-500 horsepower and are generally capable of holding 125+ HP per cylinder. LightWeight profiling around the pin end as well as tapered milling in the beam pockets make this rod the ultimate "All Motor" performer.

MidWeight Extreme: This is the same as the normal MidWeight but uses ARP Custom Age 625+ rods bolts for extreme strength.

ProH2K: This version uses the same exact connecting rod as the ProH625+ but with more economical fasteners. The ProH2K rods use ARP 2000 rod bolts. These connecting rods are well suited for many customers and can hold 175+ HP per cylinder!

ProH625+: Made with the hardcore enthusiast in mind. These connecting rods use ARP Custom Age 625+ fasteners. Each rod is built for the most amount of power and can generally hold 250+ HP per cylinder. Utilizes every strength and benefit feature ever assembled in a connecting rod design. There is also an "extreme" version of this rod which can support over 300 HP per cylinder!

ProHD Heavy Duty: One of the heaviest, most reliable steel production rods available on the market. Features the stoutest ARP 2000 7/16" fasteners for the absolute best clamping ability. Radial grooved pin bushing delivers added oiling to the wrist pin area and enhanced big end area guarantees superior strength and reliability at high inertia forces and extreme dynamic loads.

MOAR: Known as the Mother Of All Rods; this is strongest rod designed, and made for truly hardcore vehicles. The MOAR is approximately 50 grams heavier than the industry proven ProH Series design. The I Beam design allows added beam to cylinder wall clearance for stroker applications. It features Radiused edges for added rigidity, ARP Custom Age 625+ fasteners for premium clamping ability, and added material near the pin end to insure true pin end roundness.

Key Features:
  • Aerospace grade 4340 chromoly steel.
  • One-piece forging for greater strength.
  • Includes ARP 2000 or Custom Age 625+ rod bolts. Both are extremely tough, with the Custom Age 625+ being the most extreme option.
  • Precise machining for very tight tolerances.
  • Most options will hold well over 175 HP per cylinder!
  • Can be H or I beam style depending on the application.
Fitment Notes: Some applications will not work with your stock pistons. For example, if you factory rods are "Pressed Fit" onto your pistons, you must purchase aftermarket pistons with these Brian Crower rods. We always recommend a set of aftermarket pistons to avoid this. Aftermarket pistons will also hold additional power over the stock pistons, allowing you to really take advantage of your new Brian Crower rods.

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