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K1 Rods Billet Forged Connecting Rods for Mazda Protege

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Mazda Protege - 1999 to 2000 - Sedan [ES 1.8L]
Forged H Beam
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Fits FP-DE Motor. Rod Weight = 536 grams.
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1999 to 2000
Sedan [ES 1.8L]
(Forged H Beam)

Sold in sets of 4 or 6. Comes with all connecting rods for your engine.

K1 Technologies Billet Forged Connecting Rods are a perfect solution for upgrading your engine to make big power. Designed and machined in the US, K1 offers the best strength to value ratio available out of any manufacturer. Most K1 connecting rods are a strong H Beam design, which is the perfect blend of high strength and weight savings to handle more RPM and power while putting less load on the crankshaft and bearings. For some applications that are known to be used for very high powered builds, K1 offers billet I Beam rods that sacrifice some of the weight savings of the H Beam, but are capable of supporting even more power.

Each K1 connecting rod starts off as billet 4340 steel, which is checked for all the proper mechanical properties before machining even starts. Each K1 rod goes through multiple machining steps to ensure consistency through out the machining process. The final steps include finish honing to within 0.0001 inches for the bearing surface and the bronze wrist pin bushing. The K1 rods are also shot peened to improve their fatigue life and finally assembled with high strength ARP 2000 fasteners. All of this adds up to the ultimate rod available for your Mazda Protege.

New Lightweight Version: These are designed to be used on high RPM naturally aspirated builds. They shave additional weight to allow even faster response and increased RPM limits. These are not recommended for forced induction or nitrous applications because they use slightly smaller 5/16" ARP 2000 fasteners.

Key Features:
  • Made from certified 4340 stainless steel.
  • One-piece forging for greater strength.
  • Includes 3/8" ARP 2000 rod bolts, which will hold even on extreme horsepower applications.
  • Finish honed in the US.
  • Sonic tested and magnafluxed to ensure quality.
  • Machined to within 0.0001" for perfect bore sizing.
  • Good for up to 900 horsepower.
Fitment Notes: Some applications will not work with your stock pistons. For example, if you factory rods are "Pressed Fit" onto your pistons, you must purchase aftermarket pistons with these K1 rods. We always recommend a set of aftermarket pistons to avoid this. Aftermarket pistons will also hold additional power over the stock pistons, allowing you to really take advantage of your new K1 rods.

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K1 Rods Billet Forged Connecting Rods for 2000 Mazda Protege
K1 Rods Billet Forged Connecting Rods for 1999 Mazda Protege

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