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StopTech Premium Replacement Brake Kit for Mazda CX3

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Mazda CX3 - 2016 to 2018 - SUV [All Trim Levels]
  • Rear
  • High Carbon Rotors
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2016 to 2018
SUV [All]
(Rear) (High Carbon Rotors)

For these kits, we include High Carbon Premium solid rotors, Posi Quiet brake pads, and brake hardware (where applicable). The kits cover both front wheels, both rear wheels, or all four (depending on the application you choose).

StopTech Premium Brake Kits offer excellent quality replacement pads and rotors at a reasonable cost. These kits are designed for customers who want to replace their factory brakes with something better, but don't quite need or want to spend the extra money on the performance of a StopTech Sport Brake Kit.

How does StopTech offer these Premium Replacement Brake Kits at such a low price point given the quality? They simply use same-size direct-replacement, higher performing materials for your factory brake system. StopTech Premium Brake Kits make it very easy to do a full brake replacement on your Mazda CX3, since they include new High Carbon solid brake rotors, Posi Quiet brake pads, and brake hardware (where applicable), all of which are fully compatible with your factory calipers, wheels, and other equipment.

The factory brake rotors and pad might be ok for a stock car, but on a modified car they can begin to suffer. High Carbon solid rotors are a great way to dissipate heat and keep away brake fade. The pads are also designed to not only perform at their best, but also keep that annoying squeak from brakes away!

StopTech Premium Replacement Brake Kits are available as a front replacement kit, rear replacement kit, or all four wheels for most models. These kits are a good way to freshen up those old pads and rotors with better performing hardware at a low cost.

StopTech Premium Brake Kit Features:
  • Kits include brake hardware (where applicable), brake pads, and rotors.
  • Very high quality, direct replacement brake system. Compatible with all factory components.
  • Great braking performance for a direct replacement pad and rotor.
  • High Carbon Premium solid rotors for excellent heat dissipation.
  • Rotors feature StopTech's special anti-corrosion E-coating coating and cooling vanes.
  • Included StopTech Posi Quiet Brake Pads perform better than stock and also utilize a low dust formulation that leaves wheels cleaner, wards off annoying squeaks, and is easier on the rotors.
  • Brake pads are also scorched to raise cold stopping performance.
  • Brand new replacement brake hardware ensure a longer life for the rotors and pads.

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