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SiriMoto Oil Cooler Core for Lexus IS 500

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(19 Row Oil Cooler)
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This is a Universal application. Please read all notes including the product description to determine if this part will work for you. This is only an Oil Cooler Core. This is not a complete kit and does not come with any lines, brackets, or hose fittings.
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(19 Row Oil Cooler)

SiriMoto Oil Cooler Core Description

  • Helps control oil temperatures, which is crucial for race and high-performance applications.
  • Perfect for customers who are building their own oil cooling system.
Why this SiriMoto Oil Cooler Unit?
  • Robust and efficient design.
  • Track tested and proven to endure racing environments.
  • Standardized shape and bolt pattern allows for easy installation.
  • Covered by SiriMoto's 1 Year Limited Warranty.
Key Features
  • AN Male inlet and outlet ports.
  • All aluminum construction for efficient heat dissipation.
  • Coated in a silver finish for corrosion resistance.
19 Row Oil Cooler Core Specs
  • -10AN Male Inlet and Outlet Ports
  • Core Size: 285mm x 150mm (11.2" x 5.9").
  • Core Thickness: 50mm (1.96").
  • Overall Size: 330mm x 150mm (13" x 5.9").
  • Bolt Pattern: 4-Hole Square Pattern - 12.125" x 0.875" (308mm x 22mm).
  • Overall Height w/ 10AN Fittings: ~177mm (6.9").
  • Fluid Capacity: ~0.45 Qt.
More Details
These SiriMoto Oil Cooler Cores are offered to allow users with specialized applications to piece together an oil cooling system of their own. Often used to cool engine oil, the SiriMoto stacked-plate coolers help keep engine temperatures in check when running long/hard laps at the track.

Whether it's for a high-revving naturally aspirated engine, or a forced induction high-horsepower beast, this SiriMoto Oil Cooler Core will allow engine oil temps to stabilize and help prevent oil break-down from excessive heat.

Note: This product is only the Oil Cooler Core, which requires custom plumbing and bracketry to install, along with an Oil Filter Pedestal and Take-Off Plate.

Availability and Condition: Unless otherwise noted, this product is in brand new condition and usually in stock at one of our warehouses, or will ship directly from the manufacturer.

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