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SiriMoto Oil Filter Take-Off and Pedestal for Lexus GSF

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IMPORTANT: Unless you have very specific needs, we highly recommend getting both the Oil Filter Take-Off and Oil Filter Pedestal. They are designed to work together.

  • Allows you to build your own oil filter relocation kit or install a custom engine oil cooler.
  • Made to last: the components are precision machined, featuring high quality materials and designed to meet SAE and MIL specifications.
  • For ease of use, the parts are also laser etched with oil flow labels so there is no worry of oil-starvation after install.
Key Features - Oil Filter Pedestal
  • -10AN ORB Ports (Filter In and Out).
  • Black Anodized Finish.
  • Laser Etched with 'In' and 'Out' Port-Labels.
  • 1/8" NPT Female Ports; 2 Post-Filter, 1 Pre-Filter.
  • Compatible with PLM and PCX style (Honda Civic / S2000) filters.
Key Features - Oil Filter Take-Off
  • -10AN ORB 'Engine Out' and -10AN Male 'Engine In' Ports.
  • Black Anodized Finish.
  • Laser Etched with 'In' and 'Out' Port-Labels.
  • Take-Off features a unique 2-Piece design, for particular port orientation.
Why this SiriMoto Oil Filter Take-Off and Pedestal?
  • CNC Machined from 6061AL to exacting tolerances.
  • Track Tested and proven to endure racing environments.
  • Unique Low-Profile Design made to fit tight spaces.
  • Pedestal body features an Ultra Small Foot-Print, measuring 70mm wide at the base and 40mm tall.
  • Take-Off measures 56mm at it's highest point for optimal clearance.
  • AN Ports machined to SAE and Military Specifications for a leak-free seal.
  • Lofted Ports for smooth oil flow and minimal pressure drop.
  • Covered by SiriMoto's 1 Year Limited Warranty.
More Details
The SiriMoto Oil Filter Take-Off and Oil Filter Pedestals are a must for people who want to build their own oil-filter relocation kits or those installing an Engine Oil Cooler. The components are precision machined, featuring high quality materials and designed to meet SAE and MIL Specifications. For ease of use, the parts are also laser etched with oil flow labels so there is no worry of oil-starvation after install.

The SiriMoto Oil Filter Pedestal comprises of the main pedestal body with a pre-installed M20x1.5 thread adapter to accept Honda/Acura Filters, and -10AN ORB 'In' and 'Out' ports. The most popular filter options are either the PLM style filters (which are common on Civics) and PCX style filters which feature a larger filter element in a larger body. The PCX filter comes from the factory on Honda S2000's and is catered for the high flow demands it produces.

For any oil filter relocation project, an oil filter take-off is necessary and also helps making oil cooler installation a breeze for custom applications. The SiriMoto Oil Filter Take-Off is able to fit in tight spaces and features a -10AN female ORB 'Out' port and a -10AN Male 'In' port. The take-off is made of two main components, the body and the thread adapter. This unique 2-Piece design allows the oil 'Out' port to be oriented precisely, which greatly helps in applications with limited space. In addition to being made from high quality 6061 aluminum, the take-off features an OEM Honda O-Ring to seal against the original oil filter sealing surface and an aluminum crush washer for a leak free seal between the body and thread adapter.

High quality hardware is also included with the Oil Filter Pedestal, which consists of 2x M10 Flanged Hex Head Bolts and 3 x 1/8" NPT Port Plugs to close off the threaded ports. If needed however, these ports can be used for a multitude of applications such as: Turbo Oil Feed; 5th Cam Tower Lubrication on K-Series Engines; Engine Oil Pressure; Engine Oil Temperature; etc...And with the 2x filtered NPT ports, there is no worry of dirty oil being directed to sensitive components when feeding oil from the pedestal.

Optional Oil Filter: We offer WIX XP oil filters as an added option, in either a PLM or PCX style. XP Oil Filters offer superior protection and are constructed of high quality materials. The filter elements are fully-synthetic and wire-backed to provide excellent flow and filtration while reducing the risk of collapse. The filter end-caps and spiral-wound tube are both constructed of metal for added strength. For 99% of oil systems, a PLM filter will suffice and give your engine the protection it needs. But for highly modified engines with ported oiling systems, or upgraded oil pumps, a PCX filter would be a good upgrade.

Optional Oil Pressure Sensor Install Kit: The SiriMoto -3AN Pressure Sensor Install Kit consists of three parts: a 1/8" NPT Male to -3AN Male Flare Adapter, a 1/8" NPT Female to -3AN Male Flare Adapter, and an 18" long -3AN Stainless Steel Braided Hose with a Charcoal PVC Coating and high quality female ends. This kit is necessary when connecting an oil pressure sensor to the Oil Filter Pedestal, as most pressure sensors feature a large body that prevents the sensor threads from engaging the NPT ports.

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