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Skunk2 Composite Plenum Spacer for Infiniti G35

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Skunk2 Composite Plenum Spacer Description

Skunk2's new V2.0 Composite Plenum Spacer has been proven (using dyno and rigorous road testing) to outperform all other intake plenum spacers on the market. Skunk2 Designed this V2.0 spacer with a number of improvements, including; new aerospace grade thermo-ploymer construction, integrated gasket material and a thicker 5/8s inch design. These improvements lower air intake temperatures and allow the engines front cylinders to breath more efficiently which promotes horsepower and fuel economy gains. The Skunk2 Composite Plenum Spacer has shown gains of up to 10 hp and additional 2 mpg fuel economy average, while also providing increases in throttle response and torque. When coupled with a Skunk2 Megapower or similar free flowing exhaust gains as high as 18 whp are possible. In addition, the aerospace grade thermo-polymer material offers superior heat insulation characteristics when compared with aluminum or other heat insulating materials and Skunk2's industry first silicone injected perimeter provides a tight leak-free seal without utilizing the OEM gasket. The Skunk2 Plenum spacer is also easy to install and comes with all necessary hardware, including additional components to bypass the throttle body coolant lines.

Install notes: This spacer raises the height of the intake plenum by approximately 5/8s of an inch. As a result some strut tower bars may have limited clearance or interference issues.

Availability and Condition: Unless otherwise noted, this product is in brand new condition and usually in stock at one of our warehouses, or will ship directly from the manufacturer.

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