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Takeda Pro Dry S Air Filter for All Imports

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Takeda Pro Dry S Air Filter Description

CARB Compliance / Exemption Warning: If you live in California and your application for this product is not CARB Compliant / Exempt, then you cannot purchase it for public highway or street use (in that case it could only be used for formally sanctioned race use on a racing vehicle that may never be used on a public highway or street). If your application is not CARB Compliant / Exempt and you're shipping to California, our system will let you know on the final checkout page.

The Takeda Pro Dry S Filter (included in all Takeda Air Intake Systems) use a revolutionary new filtration media that works without oil. This media is easier and faster to clean than traditional foam, and requires no costly and messy solvents or oils. Takeda filters can be cleaned in a matter of minutes and are ready to use after only a couple of hours of drying time. Unlike pre-oiled or disposable filters, Takeda Filters are Lifetime Filters that will last as long as you own your vehicle.

Key Features:
  • The outer screen provides strength and prevents damage to the filter media.
  • A thick outside layer slows air velocity so that dust particles fall out of suspension and become trapped in fabric fibers.
  • A high-efficiency inner thin layer traps remaining dust particles without slowing airflow.
  • Another inner screen provides support and quality without the need for additional internal structures.
Fitment Notes: Please measure the diameter (where the filter is) of your current intake system before selecting an application. These filters will work with any brand intake system that uses a similar sized filter. Please make sure the inlet size matches the diameter of your current intake system.

Cleaning Notes: We suggest this air filter should be replaced every 15 to 20 thousand miles, depending on your conditions. Although a cleaning kit is available, we recommend just replacing the filter when it comes time for a cleaning. Even though this method costs a bit more, it ensures you get the best performance out of the filter (oftentimes customers will not use the cleaning kits correctly which can results in decreased performance and filtration abilities, and over-oiling an oiled filter can cause MAF sensor clogging).

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