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NRG Fender Washers for All Imports

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NRG Fender Washers Description

All M6 NRG Fender Washers are sold in kits that come with 10 fender washers, 10 threaded insert bases, and 1 insert install tool. The bigger M8 NRG Fender washers are sold in kits of 8.

NRG Fender Washers are a great dress-up item you can use almost anywhere on your car. They are good for adding that extra "pop" to your engine bay, license plate bracket, or virtually any other area with standard M6 bolt or screw holes (some versions available for M8 holes). Great builds are defined by their use of coordination, quality parts and attention to detail. You can often elevate the level of your current build or project by using these concepts. Often the difference between a good build and a great one can be as simple as taking the time to make sure the small details are perfect.

Cleaning up the stock plain fasteners and replacing them with high quality good looking hardware is a quick easy way to clean up your project. These NRG fender washer kits are perfect for using in engine bays, in custom vehicle interiors, outside as fender fasteners or many other custom situations where you want great looking hardware.

NRG fender washers are available in a wide range of different colors. The added benefit of the fender washer kit is that they can also be used as rivets for metal and plastic applications. Each package comes with a base that can be set within a drilled hole to serve as an anchor for the bolt. The washers are made of anodized T6061 Aluminum and the bolts are constructed of stainless steel or titanium depending on application.

Key Features:
  • Includes 10 (or 8 for the M8 kits) high quality fasteners and anodized aluminum washers.
  • Inexpensive way to dress up your project car, scooter, etc.
  • Designed to precise specifications using premium materials and designs.
  • Easy to install.
  • Reusable (durable stainless steel and titanium resist stripping).
  • Works on most M6 or M8 fastener holes or may be used like a traditional rivet using the supplied threaded insert.
Fitment and Sizing Notes: The standard M6 kits use a common metric thread pitch that is generally used for small fasteners with a 10mm head. The M6 kits are usually best for replacing the bolts or screws on fenders, license plates, radiator supports, etc. The larger diameter M8 kits use a common metric thread pitch that is generally used on fasteners with a 12mm or 14mm head. The M8 kits are usually best for replacing the larger bolts or screws on some distributors, mounting brackets, etc.

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