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Nokya Arctic White Headlight / Fog Light Bulbs for All Imports

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Nokya Arctic White Headlight / Fog Light Bulbs Description

Sold in packs of two. IF YOU HAVE (OR WILL PURCHASE) HEADLIGHTS WE SELL, please view the product description page for your headlights to see which replacement bulb type you need. ALSO, if your vehicle has HID or LED bulbs from the factory in a certain location, you must replace the bulbs in that location with the same bulb type (HID or LED) and not these ones!

Nokya Headlight and Fog Light Bulbs are great way to really make your Import stand out at night. These bulbs are offered in different styles to suit your overall need. All Nokya headlight bulbs are manufactured to directly replace the matching bulb style. Nokya has been designing and manufacturing high quality bulbs for over 20 years, and scientifically engineers bulbs to exacting specifications, utilizing the latest in integrated computer aided design technology.

Nokya Arctic White bulbs produces a cool 7000K light beam. Designed to resemble that sought after HID look, without actually having HIDs.

Nokya Super White bulbs provide a 3800K light beam. These bulbs are designed to be a good step up from your stock yellow lights. Great output and visually stunning.

Nokya Hyper Yellow bulbs output a 2500K light beam. These bulbs are the perfect option for snowy, rainy, or foggy conditions, and are ideal for use with fog lights.

Nokya Clear Bulbs provide a standard, clear 3100K light beam. These bulbs offer the closest to stock light output, but with a nice cool blue tint. They are designed to have the clearest light beam out of all the Nokya options.

Nokya Kelvin Colors Scale
Note: Color temperature is a unit of measure for the color of light, and is not necessarily related to the heat of the light source.

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