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Insane Shafts High Performance Axles for All Imports

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Insane Shafts High Performance Axles Description

Each application includes both left and right side axles (2 total).

As power is increased, weak points may begin to appear. Stock axles are great for stock or slightly modified engines, but will break once a lot of stress is put on them. Insane Shafts manufacturers high performance axles with strength and reliability in mind. Each axle is rated (at the wheels) for 500 HP to 1000 HP and directly installs on your Import! Each axle is made of chromoly steel put through Insane Shaft's proprietary annealing and heat treating process. It is then cryogenically treated to provide even more strength for high horsepower builds! In addition to all this, Insane Shafts puts all of their axles through a rigorous testing process to ensure they can handle the heavy demands even on dedicated track Imports. These axles are a great way to prevent you getting stuck on the track or on the side of the road with a busted axle simply because your engine is making too much power for your stock axles.

Key Features:
  • Made from very high strength chromoly steel.
  • Proprietary heating and cryogenic treating processes to strengthen the metals.
  • Rigorously tested to ensure each axle design has extreme strength and durability.
  • Direct fit for each specific application.
  • Capable of handling 500 HP or 1000 HP depending on the application. Horsepower ratings are at the wheels.
  • Simple design and installation process.
  • Includes removable ABS rings (if applicable) and new spindle nuts.

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