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GrimmSpeed High Flow Crosspipe for All Imports

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GrimmSpeed High Flow Crosspipe Description

CARB Compliance / Exemption Warning: If you live in California and your application for this product is not CARB Compliant / Exempt, then you cannot purchase it for public highway or street use (in that case it could only be used for formally sanctioned race use on a racing vehicle that may never be used on a public highway or street). If your application is not CARB Compliant / Exempt and you're shipping to California, our system will let you know on the final checkout page.

This manufacturer has a policy which prevents shipment to California for applications of this product that are not CARB Compliant / Exempt. Therefore, if you live in California, you will not be able to receive your part if it does not have a CARB EO #, even if it is for a dedicated race vehicle.

An often overlooked part of the exhaust system on turbocharged Subarus, the OEM exhaust manifold crosspipe is a tiny restrictive pipe that 50 percent of the total exhaust gasses must flow through before reaching the turbocharger. GrimmSpeed took the time to address the issue and came up with this excellent High Flow Crosspipe that is built with their legendary durability. This bolt on part frees the exhaust path to the turbocharger, offering a solid 5-8hp gain in most vehicles and improves airflow in the mid to high range of the powerband. In addition to providing superior performance, the High Flow Crosspipe uses the best materials and construction for trouble free use. Some of the innovative features include; 321 stainless steel interlocking liner flex joint, 14 gauge 304 stainless steel piping, (33 percent thicker than most competitors tubing!) flush flange to piping junctions, massive 1/2 inch thick 304 stainless steel flanges and precise GrimmSpeed design using the Faro 7 axis arm and Precision CNC machining.

The quality, power and price of the GrimmSpeed High Flow Crosspipe make it the perfect upgrade for any build!

Key Features:
  • 5-8hp gain!
  • Improved mid and high end response.
  • Inexpensive alternative to a full header.
  • 304 14 gauge stainless tubing (33 percent thicker than other companies!).
  • 304 1/2 inch CNC milled flanges offer precise tolerances and solid mounting.
  • 321 stainless steel "tuned bellow" flex joint with interlocking liner.
  • Flush piping to flange joints for smooth air flow.
  • Included GrimmSpeed Heavy Duty Gaskets for a leak-free fit.

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