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Enkei GTC01 Wheels Description

SOLD INDIVIDUALLY. Put in a quantity of 4 for a complete set. For help selecting the right wheels, check out our Wheels & Tires Buyer's Guide.

The Enkei GTC01 wheel is one of the latest designs from Enkei that utilizes a number of innovative features to dominate the competition and rule the lightweight wheel game. The twin valve design of the Enkei GTC01 allows tire pressure to be more accurately monitored when extreme precision is needed and more complete filling when using nitrogen. Enkei's light weight pocket design (created for the McLaren Mercedes formula one car) allows additional material to be removed from the sides of the spokes which relieves stress and makes the wheel lighter. Around the tire mounting surface, Enkei uses special anti-slip paint to provide a positive contact surface for the tire and reduces distortion under extreme acceleration. Possibly the most advanced wheel casting technology; Enkei's new MAT-DURA wheel forming technology, improves the molecular density of the aluminum allowing weight to be reduced without sacrificing strength. MAT-DURA is the evolution of the original MAT process and optimizes wheel strength while providing an improved rim shape that accommodates large high performance multi-piston brake calipers.

Key Features:
  • Offered in 17, 18, 19 and 20 inch sizes.
  • Available in Hyper Black finish.
  • Spec E Inspected (Enkei's own stringent quality test which is more comprehensive than JWL standard).
  • MAT-DURA Technology (evolution of MAT). Enkei's unique rim forming technique that combines casting and spun techniques to create wheels lighter and stronger than the competition.

Enkei GTC01 Wheel Hardware Information:
  • Center Caps: Included.
  • Lug Nuts: Accepts standard aftermarket lug nuts (sold separately).
  • TPMS: Direct fit compatibility with most all factory TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) sensors.
  • Hubcentric Rings: Not necessary if installed properly. The tapered aftermarket lug nuts this wheel accepts will automatically center the wheel if installed correctly (tighten each lug nut using a criss-cross pattern, usually to 80 lb-ft of torque each, and re-tighten each lug nut after about 100 miles of driving).

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