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Driveshaft Shop High Performance Driveshafts for All Imports

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Driveshaft Shop High Performance Driveshafts Description

Horsepower ratings are wheel horsepower.

If your car is making big power, your stock driveshaft may not be designed to hold up. Driveshaft Shop makes upgraded high performance driveshafts to hold that extra power. Most designs are also lighter than your stock assembly, so they let the engine rev easier too. For cars with multiple piece driveshafts, the Driveshaft Shop (DSS) upgraded driveshafts also eliminate one or more joints depending on the application. Driveshafts are an often overlooked aspect of big power builds, and Driveshaft Shop makes it easy to do this upgrade with direct bolt-on high performance driveshafts.

Driveshaft Shop offers driveshafts in multiple materials and designs to match each application to the rigors it will be subjected to. Each shaft is designed specifically for each application. From the diameter of the shaft to the material it is made out of, every aspect is chosen carefully to offer the highest power handling capability, chassis clearance, and weight savings. Driveshaft Shop offers multiple materials varying from simple carbon steel, to chromoly, T-6061 aluminum, or even carbon fiber. Each driveshaft includes all the required adapters or has the correct U-joint size to bolt up like a stock unit. Many designs actually replace small stock joints with much stronger and larger joints to increase the power holding potential of the shaft and smooth out driveline vibrations. In addition to all this, most Driveshaft Shop driveshafts carry a one year warranty, so you can be confident they are built to last.

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