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DC Sports Cold Air Intake Description

DC Sports knows how to make power. Their new Cold Air Intake Systems are proof of this. They are the perfect blend of increased airflow to the engine and heat protection. Both of which are keys to making more power. DC has been involved in Import tuning for years, and their knowledge of what it takes to make a great part shows in the quality and design of these intakes.

DC focused on airflow first, as the intake is typically the biggest restriction to your stock engine. Each cold air system starts with DC's dryflow style filter. This means no oil that can possibly clog your MAF sensor or bring dirt through the filter and into your motor. The next piece of the puzzle is the intake pipe itself. DC uses smooth aluminum tubing for light weight, corrosion resistance, and maximum flow. Each intake has fittings for all of the required sensors, hoses, and mounting points welded on prior to polishing, so you get show quality with race car engineering.

By utilizing a cold air intake design, DC Sports is able to create maximum power gains. The colder the air is that gets to the engine, the denser that air is. This means more oxygen which can burn more fuel. That leads to more power when you put your foot down. By placing the filter outside of the engine bay, the DC cold air system makes sure you get the coolest air possible. The polished aluminum piping and silicone couplers are also designed to reflect and prevent heat transfer so the pipe doesn't start heating the air up on it's way to the motor.

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