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APEXi WS2 Universal Muffler for All Imports

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APEXi WS2 Universal Muffler Description

Based on the A'PEXi WS2 exhaust system, this WS2 Muffler will give you the iconic look of the WS2 without having to purchase the full system. This WS2 Muffler will also change the exhaust note of your Import a bit, but will not produce power gains or deep sound that a full exhaust system will.

The A'PEXi WS2 universal muffler incorporates a 60.5mm to 70mm inlet and 105mm tip for naturally aspirated (NA) applications and an 70mm to 80mm inlet and 105 to 115mm tip for turbocharged vehicles.

Installation Notes: The muffler will require welding during installation. This is standard for universal mufflers and you can get the welding done at any decent muffler shop. The muffler comes with plenty of extra metal on the end for use during welding.

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