NRG 300 Series Fixed Bucket Seat for Honda Fit

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(Large) (Carbon Fiber RSC 310 Type 0)
(Large) (FRP 300 Geo) (Black)
(Large) (FRP 300 Geo) (Blue)
(Large) (FRP 300 Hex) (Black)
(Large) (FRP 300 Hex) (Blue)
(Large) (FRP 300 Hex) (Red)
(Large) (FRP 300 Type 0) (Red)
(Large) (FRP 300 Type 0)
(Large) (FRP 300 Type 1)
(Large) (FRP 302 PRISMA) (Black Alcantra)
(Large) (FRP 302 PRISMA) (Black Vinyl)
(Large) (FRP 302 PRISMA) (Purple)
(Medium) (Carbon Fiber RSC 310 Type 0)
(Medium) (Carbon Fiber RSC 320 Type 0)
(Medium) (FRP 300 Type 0)
(Medium) (FRP 310 Type 1)
(Medium) (FRP 330 Type 0)
(Small) (320 Series Type 0)
(Small) (Carbon Fiber 320 Series Type 0)

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NRG 300 Series Fixed Bucket Seat Description

Sold individually. This is a side mount style seat. See the Fitment Notes at the bottom for details on what else you will need. The Small, Medium, and Large versions of these seats refer to the width of the seat, so please choose the one that goes best with your body type.

NRG's 300 Series Bucket Seats do an excellent job of holding you in your seat and look great. Featuring high quality padding and a sturdy FRP or Carbon Fiber frame, they are very light weight and will improve both the performance of your car and your driving. To ensure an easy installation, these seats come with side mount adapter brackets and are fully compatible with Sparco seat bases (sliders and hardware sold separately).

Key Features:
  • Fixed-back for maximum rigidity and a comfortable seating position.
  • High quality, comfortable seat that holds you in place.
  • Includes side mount adapters (making them compatible with virtually any bottom-mount seat base or slider).
  • Really helps to improve the interior of your Honda Fit.
Fitment Notes: You will also need a Sparco seat base, hardware kit, and optional slider set to ensure a complete and safe setup for this seat. If your factory seats come with airbags built into them, these aftermarket performance seats will not allow you to re-use those airbags, and do not feature any airbags of their own either. Removing factory seats that feature airbags has safety implications, so please consider this before making your purchasing decision.

Availability and Condition: Unless otherwise noted, this product is in brand new condition and usually in stock at one of our warehouses, or will ship directly from the manufacturer.

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