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MSS Suspension Adjustable Lowering Springs for BMW X3 M

BMW X3 M - 2020 to 2023 - SUV [All] (Urban)
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BMW X3 M - 2020 to 2023 - SUV [All Trim Levels]
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Uses Urban oriented springs designed for larger vehicles for daily use applications. Front Lowering Range: 0.0" - 1.5". Rear Lowering Range: 0.0" - 2.0".
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2020 to 2023
SUV [All]

Comes with all 4 adjustable springs for your vehicle.

Modular Suspension Solutions (MSS) is one of the latest suspension manufacturers with some of the finest quality springs available today. MSS uses a patented adjustable spring setup to not only lower the car, but to also choose how high or low the vehicle will sit. Their unique dual spring seating arrangement provides unmatched comfort and performance in one package. Each spring assembly uses the highest quality materials and coatings to ensure not only safety, but a 10,000,000 mile guarantee. The modular assembly also provides the ability to customize the spring setup to suit your personal needs as well.

Kits using a dual spring or combination single and dual spring setup will have a softer orange spring and a much stiffer black spring. This setup provides incredible control while also maintaining great comfort. The orange spring is similar to stock in terms of style and function, but a bit stiffer and shorter. The black spring is very stiff (about 5x stiffer than the orange spring) to provide unparalleled control. This unique stacked setup is what makes MSS so good at bringing out the best handling in your BMW X3 M.

Thanks to its patented Triple Stack Spring Technology, MSS springs can deliver improved performance, comfort and safety, within one product - and without compromise. Two active springs and three separate spring rates deal with a much wider range of situations when driving near the limits. Distinct benefits from the reduced roll and pitch - whether it be dive or squat, enables you to turn sharper, brake later, and accelerate sooner.

Key Features:
  • Most setups use dual spring or a combination of dual and single springs setups.
  • Huge transformation in cornering ability when driving hard, yet also delivers a smoother, quieter, and more composed drive. These spring excel at absorbing shocks and vibrations too.
  • Fully adjustable from stock height to roughly 1.5 inches lower than stock, depending on the model (see application notes for exact numbers).
  • Direct fit for your BMW X3 M. Straightforward installation.
  • Modular design allows you to customize your spring setups for a unique feel or specific needs.

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