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Nokya Replacement HID Headlight Bulbs for Audi S5

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(Low and High Beams) (8000K, Blue) (2 Pack)
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Sold in packs of two. IF YOU HAVE (OR WILL PURCHASE) HEADLIGHTS WE SELL, please view the product description page for your headlights to see which replacement bulb type you need. These bulbs are designed to replace factory HID bulbs only!

If you have factory HID lights on your Audi S5, finding quality, inexpensive replacements can be a bit of pain. These Nokya Replacement HID Headlight Bulbs will directly fit into your factory headlights for a quick and easy way of fixing a burnt out HID light or changing the color. These Nokya bulbs are also designed to meet or exceed the factory specifications for a reliable bulb. Most bulbs will also have color options available, allowing you to customize you headlight output color without doing any modifications. Most applications will have the option of a white (6000K) or blue (8000K) color. Select applications will also have the option of a clear (4100K) or yellow (3300K) color. The affordable price and color options makes these HID bulbs a simple and effective way of improving your factory HID lights.

White 6000K Bulb Color Option: Produces a bright white color for added clarity and length. Perfect for a slight upgrade over the stock color.

Blue 8000K Bulb Color Option: The blue color adds a bit more style and sportiness, but maintains great clarity and distance.

Clear 4100K Bulb Color Option: These bulbs offer the closest to stock color light output, but with a nice cool blue tint. They are designed to have the clearest light beam out of all the color options.

Yellow 3300K Bulb Color Option: These bulbs are a great option for snowy, rainy, or foggy conditions, and are ideal for use with fog lights.

Nokya Kelvin Colors Scale
Note: Color temperature is a unit of measure for the color of light, and is not necessarily related to the heat of the light source.

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