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AEM Water / Methanol Injection Kit (V3) for Audi S5

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 Inline Injection Filter (+ $39.95)
 Dual Throttle Body Nozzle Kit (+ $82.95)
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(Version 3) (Naturally Aspirated) (1.15 Gallon Tank)
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Emissions Warning: This product is not designed for public highway or street use, and is only legal for formally sanctioned race use on a racing vehicle that may never be used on a public highway or street.

Water / methanol injection is designed to allow higher boost and more advanced timing on forced induction Audi S5s, to get significantly more power while still utilizing pump gas. Containing all the necessary parts for a safe and reliable install, these AEM water/meth kits come with most everything needed to dramatically reduce your intake temps and increase the detonation threshold of your Audi S5.

How does water / methanol Injection work? The major benefits of water / methanol injection are due to the cooling effects of evaporation and the high octane rating of the mixture during combustion. The water / methanol mixture is injected through a small nozzle downstream of the turbo and after any intercooler being used, which creates a fine mist of cool liquid in the intake tract. The heat in the compressed air causes the liquid to evaporate which absorbs heat from the surrounding air. This cooler air charge is now denser than it was when hot, and also contains a mixture of methanol which will raise the effective octane rating once it reaches the combustion chamber along with the fuel injected normally. This allows the ignition timing to be advanced while preventing pre-ignition of the air/fuel mixture.

Benefits of Water / Methanol Injection:
  • Reliably increase boost and advance ignition timing without using high-octane racing fuel. Power gains of up to 20%!
  • Reduced carbon deposits in the intake tract.
  • Lower intake temps, resulting in denser air charges.
  • Increases knock resistance.
  • Slight increases in fuel economy are possible.
  • Can add power to any forced induction or NA setup with proper tuning.
Kit Contents:
  • High pressure recirculation style (non-pulsing) 200 PSI weatherproof WM pump.
  • Tanks have integrated Level Sensor (except on the No Tank Kit).
  • Progressive Injection Control Module with Boost Reference (max at 35 PSI of boost).
  • Super efficient V3 jets / injectors with Swirl Generators for 250cc, 500cc, and 1000cc of flow.
  • Injection Check Valve.
  • 20 ft nylon injection hose and fittings.
  • 60 inch vacuum hose.
  • Mounting hardware and instructions.
  • The optional Dual Throttle Body Nozzle Kit allows the standard water / methanol kit to be used on vehicles with dual throttle bodies. It includes an additional nozzle body, tee fitting, hose, and V3 jets / injectors (with Swirl Generators) for 250cc, 500cc, and 1000cc of flow.
We recommend using the optional Inline Injection Filter to prevent any pump, check valve, or nozzle clogging from debris that may get in the tank.

IMPORTANT: Water / methanol Injection is an advanced power adder and should only be used in vehicles tuned to run safely with the system in place. Professional installation and tuning is highly recommended.

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