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ARP Wheel Studs (Full Set) for Acura TL

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ARP Wheel Studs are hands down the best fastener to use when you want to keep your wheels securely mounted to your vehicle. Wheel studs provide a critical link between your wheel-tire assembly and the mounting hubs of your vehicle. When driving in a performance manner (on back roads or at the race track) the OEM wheel studs can experience tremendous acceleration and shock loads which can cause them to fail. ARP wheel studs are made from heat treated 8740 chrome moly steel which gives them a super high tensile strength of 200,000 PSI! In addition, all ARP wheel studs are also cadmium plated for extra durability and corrosion resistance. As a result, ARP wheel studs are able to tolerate much higher loads than traditional wheel studs, allowing you to accelerate, brake and turn with more confidence.

The ARP brand has a long history of manufacturing high quality studs and bolts. Widely known across all types of motorsports as the undisputed best, ARP manufactures fasteners used in almost every popular motorsport, including NASCAR, IRL, Formula 1, Top Fuel, and Pro Stock. With over 40 years of industry experience there is no doubt that they have earned the title of "World leader in Fastener Technology".

Extended Stud Notes: Most replacement wheel studs are the same length as your stock wheel studs but some applications are available in extended versions (usually about an inch longer than stock). Using ARP Extended Wheel Studs provides more thread engagement to help secure your wheels tightly to their mounting hubs. Many race tracks and sport car clubs recommend using extended wheel studs and some race categories even require them. ARP extended wheel studs are not only used for racing; many street and show cars can use extended studs to help achieve the perfect stance. Unlike stock wheel studs which only have a limited length, extended studs have ample room for wheel spacers. With more room for wheel spacers, you can tailor your wheel fitment until you have the aggressive fitment or perfectly flush stance that you are looking for. PLEASE KEEP IN MIND that since extended wheel studs are longer than stock type studs, traditional "closed end" lug nuts will not work. We recommend using "open end" style lug nuts such as the NRG, Buddy Club, or Skunk2 brand lug nuts.

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