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Short Ram Air Intakes for Acura Integra

If instant low-range response is what you're after, PRO Import Tuners has the quality short ram air intake system for your Acura Integra that will soundly do the job for you minus the higher cost that comes with the cold air intake systems. In terms of air-delivery performance, our short ram air intake system for Acura Integra stands between the conservative stock air-intake system and the high-end cold air-intake systems. Our short ram air intake systems for Acura Integra are manufactured only by the most reputable aftermarket parts companies such as Injen, Takeda, Weapon R, and many more. We at PRO Import Tuners provide all our customers with every possible pricing and performance combination that will satisfy their budget and design constraints.

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Weapon R
Secret Weapon Stealth Air Intake
Starting @ $294.95
Weapon R
Secret Weapon Air Intake
Starting @ $263.95
Short Ram Air Intake
Starting @ $178.46
DC Sports
Short Ram Air Intake
Starting @ $144.19
Stage 1 Air Intake
Starting @ $94.99
Short Ram Air Intake
Starting @ $293.99
Showing 1 to 6 (of 6 total)
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