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SiriMoto Rear Camber Kit for Acura ILX

Acura ILX - 2013 to 2022 - Sedan [All]
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Acura ILX - 2013 to 2022 - Sedan [All Trim Levels]
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Telescoping design allows camber adjustment without unbolting from vehicle.
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2013 to 2022
Sedan [All]

Sold in pairs (comes with one camber arm for each rear wheel).

The Problem
    As car enthusiasts, lowering the ride-height of your vehicle is usually one of the first modifications done to improve the performance of the car. However, when this happens, the factory suspension often won't have the necessary adjustment range to correct for the change in camber alignment.

    This unwanted change in alignment can lead to increased tire wear and poor handling performance, things we do not want to see when trying to improve a Acura ILX's performance.
SiriMoto's Solution
    To correct for this, the SiriMoto Adjustable Control Arms allow you to dial in camber and get the performance you would expect from a well handling car. In addition, making these adjustments is very straightforward thanks to the telescoping threads. This means you won't have to unbolt the control arm from your Acura ILX to turn the threaded adjuster; instead, you simply loosen the jam nuts, make the necessary adjustment, then re-tighten the jam nuts to lock everything in place.

    With the SiriMoto adjustable arms, you can have the peace of mind that the suspension will work as intended and the tires won't be paying the price of having bad camber settings.
Key Features
  • High Grade Rubber Bushings.
  • Durable Anti-Corrosion Coating.
  • Manufactured with high-strength materials and processes.
  • Easy Adjustability via Telescoping Threads.
  • Corrects for negative camber.
  • Maximizes tire life and grip.
  • Good for 0" to 3"+ drops.
  • Installation guide with torque specifications included!
  • Covered by SiriMoto's 1 Year Limited Warranty.

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