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Catalytic Converters for 2019 Lexus RC 300

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Starting @ $799.00
Fits 2019 Lexus RC 300 Coupe
Base 3.5L AWD, F SPORT 3.5L AWD
Direct Fit, Driver Side
Direct Fit, Passenger Side
Brief Description

MagnaFlow high flow catalytic converters are an ideal choice for those looking to upgrade their old / potentially restrictive stock catalytic converte...

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In Stock
Starting @ $281.00
Fits 2019 Lexus RC 300 :
*Universal Fitment Available
OBD2 Version, 2.25" Inlet/Outlet
OBD2 Version, 2.5" Inlet/Outlet
OBD2 Version, 3" Inlet/Outlet
Brief Description

This new high flow catalytic converter from MagnaFlow is perfect for situations where space is tight, and it contains a metallic substrate for optimum...

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