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HKS Turbo Timer X for 2018 Audi S5

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With Universal Harness
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This is a Universal application. Please read all notes including the product description to determine if this part will work for you. Must be manually wired to vehicle. Not for use on push-button start vehicles.
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2018 Audi S5
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(With Universal Harness)

This is new & simple 10th Generation HKS Tubo Timer! All our HKS Turbo Timers include harnesses, so you do not need to wire anything yourself, except on Universal applications you will need to wire one end only. This timer cannot be used on models with push-button start.

One of the best ways to protect your engine from the damaging effects of oil degradation and heat damage is to install an HKS turbo timer. When you shut your motor off the coolant and oil stop flowing, which allows hot spots in the motor to damage sensitive electronics, seals, and even the fluids designed to keep the motor cool. This is easiest to see in turbocharged Audi S5s without timers that have buildup in the oil supply and return lines known as oil coking. Coking can lead to your turbocharger being starved for oil and consequently bearing failure. It usually starts when, after hard driving, the motor is just shut off, allowing the ultra high heat built up in the turbo itself to transmit to the oil turning it into sludge. When you install an HKS Timer it allows the motor to continue running after you park and lock the car, until that excess heat is removed from the system.

HKS updated the design of the timer every few years since its release. The latest incarnation is the Turbo Timer X, their 10th generation timer. It features a very simple interface and a compact design. With 5 different settings for different situations, such as regular driving, all the way to race cool down. The settings can be set with the single push of a button and the setting is displayed on a LED numerical display. HKS also makes it simple to update since this is compatible with previous generation harness as well!

Key Features:
  • The newest and best HKS Turbo Timer.
  • Hand brake detection sensor for safety.
  • Single button activation and display.
  • 5 different setting selectable between 1, 3, 5, 10, and a maximum of 30 min.
  • Compatible with previous generation harnesses!

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