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Honda Civic - 2017 - 4 Door Hatchback - EX

Injen Evolution Air Intake System for 2017 Honda Civic

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Honda Civic - 2017 to 2021 - 4 Door Hatchback [EX, EXL, LX, Sport, Sport Touring]
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Advertised gains: 13 hp and 12 lb-ft.
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2017 Honda Civic - 4 Door Hatchback - EX
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Injen Evolution Air Intake System Description

CARB Compliance / Exemption Warning: If you live in California and your application for this product is not CARB Compliant / Exempt, then you cannot purchase it for public highway or street use (in that case it could only be used for formally sanctioned race use on a racing vehicle that may never be used on a public highway or street). If your application is not CARB Compliant / Exempt and you're shipping to California, our system will let you know on the final checkout page.

The latest from Injen Technologies, the Evolution Air Intake System, is the next generation of high performance intakes, offering a factory like appearance with true Injen performance. The Injen Evolution System features a filter box with Injen's latest high-flow designs, as is always true with Injen. The Evolution Intake is properly tuned to your specific engine for maximum power, featuring such patented designs as MR Technology (on select applications). But this intake is not only there for power and noise, the housing also has a neat Filter Minder (on select applications) that tells you when the filter requires maintenance. Always applying the latest technologies, the Evolution Air Intake System is formed with Rotomolded Polyethylene for durability and longevity, ensuring you'll get plenty of power for years to come. A powerful and effective intake, the Evolution is sure give you that extra power you're craving.

Key Features:
  • Maximum power with a clean OEM look.
  • Rotomolded Polyethylene construction for maximum durability and heat protection.
  • Injen / AMSOIL Super-Nano Dry Air Filters: A dry nano-fiber filtration media so advanced even the U.S. military uses it.
  • Built-in Filter Minder that allows you to keep track of when to service your filter (only available on select applications).
  • All intakes are tuned, calibrated, and then tested on a dyno.
  • MR Technology: A patented step-down process featured in most applications. It tunes the intakes to factory air/fuel ratios.
  • Backed by Injen's Limited Lifetime Warranty.
All Injen intake systems now come with a Injen's Super-Nano Fiber Air Filter, which is a dry media and requires no oiling. The new filter media captures/holds more dirt and allows better air flow than conventional air filters. Injen Super-Nano Air Filters also improve engine performance and help engines last longer by keeping them cleaner.

Availability and Condition: Unless otherwise noted, this product is in brand new condition and usually in stock at one of our warehouses, or will ship directly from the manufacturer.

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Honda Civic - 2017 to 2021 - 4 Door Hatchback [EX, EXL, LX, Sport, Sport Touring]

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Honda Civic - 2017 - 4 Door Hatchback - EX

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More Info: Advertised gains: 13 hp and 12 lb-ft.

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