KONI Yellow Sport Adjustable Shocks / Struts for 2001 Acura TL

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2001 Acura TL
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4 Door Sedan [3.2]
(Front Pair)
4 Door Sedan [3.2]
(Rear Pair)

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KONI Yellow Sport Adjustable Shocks / Struts Description

Sold in sets of 2 (front pair or rear pair).

KONI Yellow Sport Shocks offer the perfect level of control for any situation thanks to their more progressive compression settings, and fully adjustable rebound dampening. Designed specifically for the driving enthusiast, KONI Yellows are the go to shocks for any car from daily driver to the weekend track warrior. The shocks are designed specifically to be used with lowering springs, and utilize shock bodies and valving specifically designed to work with each application.

KONI Yellow Sport Shocks use a very progressive compression setting, so during solid loading like a corner the shock is much stiffer than a stock or OE style replacement shock. Yet KONI also made the compression valving softer during those quick and sharp jolts you get from rough roads. This makes them ride softer while simultaneously handling better.

KONI Yellow Shocks are designed with adjustable rebound dampening to allow you to dial in your ride to how you like it, but even the softest setting is stiffer than the OE shocks to maintain that handling edge. When the suspension compresses the energy created gets transferred into the shock as heat (this is what you feel as the shock smoothing out the motion of the suspension) and into the spring as stored energy. If you have ever seen a bobble head doll you know that a spring by itself will just bounce for long periods of time without any sort of control. KONI Yellows use the stiff rebound stroke to convert that energy that was added to the spring into more heat so it doesn't just get converted to potential energy of the body being raised. This also prevents a situation known as shock jacking that can be caused by rough roads or prolonged hard driving. Shock jacking is when the shock can no longer deal with the compression and rebound energy and the shock expands during rebound, but doesn't compress like it should. This causes the car to ride very rough and handle worse at the same time. KONI Yellows are designed specifically to avoid this issue.

KONI Yellow Sport Shock Features:
  • Wide range of adjustable rebound dampening.
  • More progressive compression dampening.
  • Short shock bodies designed for use with lowering springs.
  • Performance shock that maintains ride quality.
  • Rebuildable for custom applications.
  • Covered by KONI's limited lifetime warranty.
Fitment Notes: Some KONI yellow shocks do not include new spring perches. In these cases you will have to modify your stock shock or strut housing to reuse the OEM spring perch from them. Instructions are included on how to do this for each application that will require it.

Availability and Condition: Unless otherwise noted, this product is in brand new condition and usually in stock at one of our warehouses, or will ship directly from the manufacturer.

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Acura TL - 2000 to 2003 - 4 Door Sedan [3.2] KONI Yellow Sport Adjustable Shocks / Struts

Notes: (Front Pair)

More Info: Adjustable spring perch can lower car up to 20mm.
Acura TL - 2000 to 2003 - 4 Door Sedan [3.2] KONI Yellow Sport Adjustable Shocks / Struts

Notes: (Rear Pair)

More Info: Adjustable spring perch can lower car up to 20mm.
Featured Supported Door Configuration:
Acura TL 4 Door Sedan

KONI Yellow Sport Adjustable Shocks / Struts supported 2001 Acura TL Trim Levels:

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