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Wheels for Kia Rio

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Dekagram Wheels
Starting @ $178.34
Countergram Wheels
Starting @ $182.37
Ampliform Wheels
Starting @ $245.71
Dial Wheels
Starting @ $166.45
Hexaform Wheels
Starting @ $178.34
Freeform Wheels
Starting @ $161.87
Ultragram Wheels
Starting @ $190.79
Showing 13 to 19 (of 19 total)
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For your Kia Rio the required bolt pattern and approximate general recommended wheel size range and offset range are the following:
Year Range Wheel Size Range Bolt Pattern Wheel Offset Range
2012 to 2017 (15x5.5) to (18x7.5) 4x100 +40mm to +48mm
2018 to 2023 (15x6) to (18x7.5) 4x100 +40mm to +50mm

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