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Terms & Conditions

This is the legal stuff that we must put up on our site to protect ourselves and keep our prices low. We tried to make it as short and informative as possible.

By viewing this site and/or purchasing any items from PRO Import Tuners.com, you agree to all the terms and conditions stated below.

Damages / Losses / Accidents
PRO Import Tuners.com will not be held responsible for any incidental or direct damages, losses, injuries, accidents, or additional costs caused by any installing or using any part purchased from us, or as a result from using any of the information (including pictures) provided on our website. If you are unsure about how to install a product, or do not have the correct tools, we highly recommend having the part installed by a certified, experienced mechanic. Before installing products, also make sure you understand and obey any and all state and local regulations (including smog laws). It is your responsibility to comply with all your local and state laws.

Parts Disclaimer (Off-Road Use)
Please understand that some parts may not conform to road laws and/or smog laws in your area. IN GENERAL, ALL PARTS WE SELL ARE DESIGNED FOR OFF-ROAD USE ONLY (SUCH AS ON A RACE TRACK). If you plan on using a certain part for street use and are concerned about the legality in your area, please contact us and we'll try to give you the best guidance we can. Certain part types, like race headers, can never be certified to be emissions legal for public road use, and we have notes on those products specifically stating they are for race use only. For other part types, like intake systems, an emissions certification may exist (such as a CARB EO #), but it is up to you to contact us to find out if your particular application is covered under that certification #. Some parts may also not meet the safety requirements originally set by your vehicle's manufacturer. You, the buyer, acknowledge the ramifications of having parts installed on your vehicle and release PRO Import Tuners.com of liability for any damages, losses, injuries, accidents, or additional costs resulting from installing the parts we sell.

Most importantly, ALWAYS wear your safety belt, even on very short drives!

Returns and Shipping Rules/Procedures
There are other rules and procedures laid out in our Ordering & Shipping page and Returns page. By purchasing a product from us, you agree to abide by these rules and procedures.

Mispriced Items
We try our very best to make sure all our products are priced correctly; however, an item may slip through the cracks. If an item is mispriced, we will contact you with the correct price. This will be done before the order is processed and you will always have the opportunity to cancel without any penalty.

Manufacturer's Warranties
All original manufacturer warranties apply (if any). PRO Import Tuners.com cannot and does not offer any warranties either implied or expressed. Manufacturer's warranties are included in your product and may vary, so please read them carefully.

Legal Venue
If legal proceedings are required to settle any dispute, all claims, filings, and court proceedings must be made with the Ventura County Superior Court located in Ventura, California.

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