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Honda Accord Hoods

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   Replacing the stock metal Honda Accord hood with an aftermarket FRP or carbon fiber hood is one of the easiest customization options for Accord owners. The low weight and the low drag coefficient of aftermarket Honda Accord hoods provide immediate and measurable speed and acceleration gains for the Accord. We carry high quality but inexpensive FRP composite hoods for most all Honda Accord models and trims. We offer full carbon fiber composite Honda Accord hoods with both hood skin and skeleton made out of carbon fiber and epoxy resin. We also offer a different option of Honda Accord hoods made from FRP skeletons layered with one sheet of carbon fiber skin.

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Starting @ $469.95
Starting @ $680.00
Starting @ $595.00
Starting @ $680.00
Starting @ $680.00
Sparco Hood Pins
Starting @ $38.96
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