Camber Kits for 1999 Toyota Camry

   If you have lowered your Camry and did not adjust the camber then you are aware of the benefits of Toyota Camry camber kits. Our Toyota Camry camber kits allow you to make camber adjustment as needed when lowering your vehicle. This is important because “camber” refers to the vertical angle that the tire and wheel start to acquire when the chassis is lowered, tucking them inward toward the vehicle. This causes the tire to sit at an angle on the road surface and in turn causes uneven tire wear.

Starting @ $29.97
Fits 1999 Toyota Camry:
4 Door Sedan CE 4 Cyl, CE V6, LE 4 Cyl, LE V6, XLE 4 Cyl, XLE V6
Brief Description

Each application comes with bolts for BOTH front wheels. An Ingalls front camber adjusting bolts kit is perfect for newer Toyota Camrys that use McPherson struts in their front suspension

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